In 2014 I went to the Batlow Cider Conference having only been at the helm of Faire Ferments for a few months.

With presentations from some of the leaders of the industry in Australia including Drew Henry, it was an incredible experience and one that set the path for the years to come.

For the last visit I wasn't aware that the conference coincided with a festival that I since discovered must be among the best cider events in the country. This time around I've not made that mistake. Co-Op Cider will be taking part in the festival this year and I'm really proud to be able to show what we've been up to to the Batlow public. 

If you head over the the Batlow Cider Festival website you'll see what I'm so excited about. Its going to be a great event and if you're planning on going, come past and say hi. Otherwise now is the perfect time to plan for next year!