Progress 2015 Celebration

On Friday we were lucky enough to be invited to provide drinks for the Progress 2015 Festival held in Melbourne. It was a real honour to be among so many inspired and motivated people and hear stories from attendees about talks by a wide range of presenters from Rosie Batty to Ed Snowden. 

We really appreciate these opportunities and to be honest they are a big part of why doing what we are doing is so valuable to us. 

It was through our association with Kinfolk and Donkey Wheel House that we were offered this opportunity. I'd urge you, if you are looking for a great cafe in the city with super solid socially responsible foundations chase up Kinfolk. Similarly if you're looking for a space in the city for workshops or conferences check out Donkey Wheel House. And if you're looking simply for inspiration in the area of business research them both. 

Viv keeping drinks up to the punters.